Thatisforme'S STORY



We began the thatisforme journey in May 2018.


Thatisforme.com is the result of learning artificial intelligence and data scientist experience from many different industries.

The journey started to have a experience how to bring special items which is not so common in internet marketplaces.

We would like to find special items which are interesting , makes your life easier. The idea is to find the products and reach to the people who are interested to that items. This is the engineering purpose we created this market.

And personally when i want to buy a gift for an birthday or annivesary i feel helpless. We want to  bring brillant ideas and products to the people how has the same pain , with special ideas and products.

Please feel free to reach out to us with comments, criticisms and suggestions. We want to make this your de-facto source for gifts! 

Have an Awesome Day!